Technical Reports

Rail Crew Resource Management (CRM): Survey of Teams in the Railroad Operating Environment and Identification of Available CRM Training Methods

  • 01
  • Jun
  • 2006
AUTHOR: Curtis A. Morgan, Leslie E. Olson, Tobin B. Kyte, Stephen S. Roop, Todd D. Carlisle
KEYWORDS: Crew resource management (CRM), training methods, TTI,
ABSTRACT: This report summarizes the work undertaken by the Texas Transportation Institute to document the common teams or crews that are present within the rail industry and to evaluate the existing crew resource management (CRM) training methods used in other industries for their applicability to those railroad teams. Several railroads were visited in order to identify railroad crews, and an extensive literature search was performed to classify the broad variety of CRM training methods available. Facilities of five different railroad types were visited to gain a cross-sectional picture of the teams in the rail industry. These railroads included an eastern Class I railroad, a western Class I railroad, a shortline railroad, an urban commuter railroad, and an inter-city passenger railroad. Methods of CRM training from the commercial airline industry, the military, the medical field, the offshore oil production industry, and the nuclear power industry as well as existing railroad CRM training courses were examined concerning their application to the existing teams found during the site visits. Recommendations regarding the appropriate training methods for each railroad team are then made. This report also presents several requirements to develop a fully implemented CRM program in the rail industry.