Technical Reports

San Joaquin, California, High-Speed Rail Grade Crossing Data Acquisition Characteristics, Methodology, and Risk Assessment

  • 01
  • Nov
  • 2006
AUTHOR: John Choros, Adrian Hellman, Anya Carroll, Gary Baker, Marsha Haines,* Jon Anderson*
KEYWORDS: Grade Crossings, Risk, Fast Laser Imaging-Mapping and Profiling (FLI-MAP), Geographic
ABSTRACT: This report discusses data acquisition and analysis for grade crossing risk analysis at the proposed San Joaquin High-Speed Rail Corridor in San Joaquin, California, and documents the data acquisition and analysis methodologies used to collect and analyze grade crossing data and evaluate the effects of each method in the overall risk calculations for the entire corridor. This report describes grade crossing data acquisition techniques from existing Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) inventory data, track charts, site surveys and interviews, and aerial and video surveys. Costs for data acquisition and analysis associated with each method were documented and analyzed to determine their influences on the overall risk assessment for the corridor. Results using FRA’s Accident Prediction Formula indicate that all data acquisition and analysis methods are suitable for evaluating the grade crossing risk at a given corridor.