Technical Reports

Fiberglass Wrapped Tie Performance Evaluation Report

  • 01
  • Aug
  • 2005
AUTHOR: Joe LoPresti
KEYWORDS: Heavy axle load, fiberglass wrapped ties, tie plates, anchors, and metal cover plates
ABSTRACT: Forty-two fiberglass fabric wrapped, solid-sawn wood ties during 300 million gross tons (MGT) of heavy axle load (HAL) traffic and eight fiberglass fabric wrapped ties with metal cover plates were recently evaluated during 125 MGT of HAL traffic at the Transportation Technology Center in Pueblo, Colorado. This observational test was a followup to West Virginia University’s test of 200 fiberglass wrapped ties test that concluded in 2002 after 145 MGT of HAL traffic. The original test showed that the fiberglass wraps were not as durable as intended, thus prompting this evaluation of improved fiberglass and metal covered fiberglass wraps. The second test showed that the changes made to the fiberglass wraps improved their durability.