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15th Annual Transportation and Infrastructure Summit

  • 15
  • Aug
  • 2012
SPEAKER: Joseph C. Szabo
SPEAKER'S TITLE: Administrator
AUDIENCE: Public officials representing the local, regional, state and federal level, Business leaders in the T&I industry, Trade Associations and Engineers
LOCATION: Irving, Texas
KEYWORDS: Transportation & Infrastructure, High-Speed Rail, Freight movement, Railroad system security, Environmental issues
ABSTRACT: I’d like to talk about the future of our country, our economy, and why high-speed and higher-performing intercity passenger rail needs to be a growing part of a balanced, multimodal transportation network. It is fundamental that no economy can ever grow faster than its transportation network can carry it. So as we look at ways to expand our economic growth we must also ensure we have the transportation capacity we will need to keep it growing long-term.
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