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  • 01
  • Jan
  • 2009

RSSBs Human Factors Team is pleased to announce that the sixth edition of the Human Factors research catalogue is now available.

The library is no longer on a CD ROM but available on line, which will facilitate regular updates. It includes a range of literature, focused on key issues salient to the rail industry, such as rail specific research from both the UK and international railways, research from safety critical industries such as aviation, nuclear, and chemical, and from the road vehicle driver context.

The login procedure is simple and the rewards – in terms of easy access to a huge range of interesting documents covering rail and non-rail information sources – can be considerable. For a start, in beginning to scope a new project idea and when asking ‘has this been done already?’ you may find the answer by typing in some key words and seeing what turns up! There are much more advanced search facilities if you need them. A synopsis is provided for every paper and, where copyright permission has been granted, the full paper is available. This library benefits the rail industry by its potential to increase understanding and awareness of human factors. In turn this should help reduce risk, improve business performance and, ultimately, customer satisfaction. Its papers will help to demonstrate where human factors knowledge can be usefully applied to improve safety performance. The online 2009 Human Factors Library can be found at

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