Technical Reports

Locomotive-Based Top of Rail Friction Control Implementation Results and Issues: Phase 1: Atomized Spray/Friction Control Product

  • 01
  • Mar
  • 2004
AUTHOR: Richard Reiff, Ruben Pena, Transportation Technology Ctr., Inc.; Ken Davis, Marty Clifton, CSX Transportation, Inc.
KEYWORDS: top of rail lubrication (TOR), friction modification application systems, lateral curving forces, train handling
ABSTRACT: This report documents the first phase of a test to determine what effect top of rail (TOR) friction modification has on rail surface friction, lateral curving forces, and train handling. In Phase I, one type of TOR friction modifier and application system was evaluated, primarily on coal trains operating over a l20-mile segment which featured curves up to 10 degrees and gradients up to 2.2 percent. Results showed that lateral curving forces could be reduced up to 50 percent, when the TOR system was properly operated and maintained. During the TOR implementation period, no adverse train handling issues were noted. This work was conducted under the Track Train Interaction Program Element within the Federal Railroad Administration's Research and Development Strategic Plan. During Phase 2, another TOR friction modifier and application system will be evaluated under the same conditions.