Reports to Congress

Safety of Remote Control Locomotive (RCL) Operations

  • 26
  • Mar
  • 2006
SUBJECT: Operating Practices, Remote Control Locomotive Operations
KEYWORDS: RCL safety report
ABSTRACT: By letter dated September 2, 2003, the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation (Committee) requested that the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) conduct an assessment of the impact of remote control locomotive (RCL) operations on safety, including a comparison of the rate of accidents, injuries, and fatalities involving RCLs with similar operations involving manned locomotives. Additionally, the Committee requested that the audit should assess the effects of RCL operations on the safety of highway-rail grade crossings, hazardous materials transportation, RCLs operated in urban areas, any unique operating characteristics presented by RCLs, and the safety benefits of such operations. The Committee requested that FRA’s report should include any recommendations for legislative or regulatory changes FRA determines necessary, that FRA report back to the Committee within six months with preliminary findings (including initial accident statistics), and that a detailed final report be submitted within 18 months.