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Railroad Cost Conditions: Implications for Policy

  • 10
  • May
  • 2000
AUTHOR: John Bitzan
SUBJECT: Social & Economic Impacts
KEYWORDS: Railroad Cost Conditions: Implications for Policy
ABSTRACT: Several recent trends in regulatory policy and in the structure of the railroad industry have drawn a renewed interest in railroad regulation. These trends have included: (1) deregulation of the telecommunications and electrical utility industries, (2) major railroad mergers of the Burlington Northern and Sante Fe railroads, the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific railroads, and Conrail with the CSX and Norfolk Southern Railroads, (3) the Surface Transportation Board’s efforts to stream-line regulations governing the railroads, and (4) an increased intensity of Congressional interest in rail transportation issues. Moreover, recent complaints before the Surface Transportation Board regarding pricing and service, and the recent formation of shipper groups seeking regulatory change suggest that interest in the regulations affecting the rail industry is intense.
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