Final Rule

Electronically Controlled Pneumatic Brake Systems

  • 16
  • Oct
  • 2008
DOCKET NUMBER: 2006-26175
SUBJECT: Braking Systems
KEYWORDS: Electronically Controlled Pneumatic Brakes, ECP Brakes, Advanced Brake Systems, Alternative Brake Systems
ABSTRACT: FRA is issuing revisions to the regulations governing freight power brakes and equipment by adding a new subpart addressing electronically controlled pneumatic (ECP) brake systems. The revisions are designed to provide for and encourage the safe implementation and use of ECP brake system technologies. These revisions contains specific requirements relating to design, interoperability, training, inspection, testing, handling defective equipment, and periodic maintenance related to ECP brake systems. The final rule also identifies provisions of the existing regulations and statutes where FRA is proposing to provide flexibility to facilitate the voluntary adoption of this advanced brake system technology.
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