Final Rule

Qualification and Certification of Locomotive Engineers; Miscellaneous Revisions

  • 23
  • Dec
  • 2009
DOCKET NUMBER: 2008-0091
SUBJECT: Engineer Certification
KEYWORDS: Recordkeeping
ABSTRACT: FRA is making miscellaneous amendments to its regulation governing the qualification and certification of locomotive engineers. These changes address the unanticipated consequences arising from reclassifications, clarify the grounds upon which a railroad may revoke a locomotive engineer's certification, and make the regulation consistent with other FRA regulations and guidance. In particular, this rule: prohibits a railroad from reclassifying a person's locomotive engineer certificate to that of a more restrictive class during the period in which the certificate is otherwise valid while permitting the railroad to place restrictions on the locomotive engineer, if appropriate; clarifies that revocation of an engineer's certificate may only occur for the reasons specified in the regulation; requires each railroad to identify the actions it will take in the event that a person fails a skills performance test or the railroad finds deficiencies with an engineer's performance during an operational monitoring observ
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