Final Rule

Passenger Equipment Safety Standards

  • 12
  • May
  • 1999
SUBJECT: Crashworthiness - Passenger Equipment
KEYWORDS: Inspections
ABSTRACT: FRA is issuing comprehensive Federal safety standards for railroad passenger equipment. The purpose of these safety standards is to prevent collisions, derailments, and other occurrences involving railroad passenger equipment that cause injury or death to railroad employees, railroad passengers, or the general public; and to mitigate the consequences of any such occurrences, to the extent they cannot be prevented. The final rule promotes passenger train safety through requirements for railroad passenger equipment design and performance; fire safety; emergency systems; the inspection, testing, and maintenance of passenger equipment; and other provisions for the safe operation of railroad passenger equipment. The final rule addresses passenger train safety in an environment where technology is advancing and equipment is being designed for operation at higher speeds. The final rule amends existing regulations concerning special notice for repairs, safety glazing, locomotive safety, safety appliances, and railro