Final Rule

Restrictions on Railroad Operating Employees� Use of Cellular Telephones and Other Electronic Devices

  • 27
  • Sep
  • 2010
DOCKET NUMBER: 2009-0118
SUBJECT: Cellular Telephones/Other Electronic Devices
ABSTRACT: FRA is amending its railroad communications regulations by restricting use of mobile telephones and other distracting electronic devices by railroad operating employees. This rule codifies most of the requirements of FRA Emergency Order No. 26, which is supplanted by this final rule on the date it becomes effective. FRA has revised some of the substantive requirements of that Emergency Order as well as its scope to accommodate changes that FRA believes are appropriate based upon its experience with the Emergency Order and in response to public comments submitted in response to the proposed rule.
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page 4:  The Impact of Distracting Electronic Devices on the Safe Performance of Duties by Railroad Operating Employees