Final Rule

Systems for Telephonic Notification of Unsafe Conditions at Highway-Rail and Pathway Grade Crossings

  • 12
  • Jun
  • 2012
DOCKET NUMBER: 2009-0041
SUBJECT: Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Warning Systems
KEYWORDS: Telephone Notification, Disabled Crossing
ABSTRACT: This final rule requires certain railroads to establish and maintain systems that allow members of the public to call the railroads, using a toll-free telephone number, and report an emergency or other unsafe condition at highway-rail and pathway grade crossings. The rule refers to such a system as an �Emergency Notification System,� and it consists of the following components: the signs, placed at the grade crossing, that display the information necessary for the public to report an unsafe condition to the appropriate railroad; the method that the railroad uses to receive and process a telephone call reporting the unsafe condition; the remedial actions that the appropriate railroad or railroads take to address the report of the unsafe conditions; and the related recordkeeping conducted by the railroad(s).
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