Final Rule

U.S. Locational Requirement for Dispatching of U.S. Rail Operations

  • 10
  • Dec
  • 2002
DOCKET NUMBER: 2001-8728
SUBJECT: Operating Practices
KEYWORDS: Dispatching, International, Foreign Employees
ABSTRACT: This Final Rule will supplant an interim Final Rule (IFR) that has been in effect since January 10, 2002, while FRA has gathered comments on whether to permit extraterritorial dispatching (the act of dispatching of a railroad operation that occurs on trackage in the United States by a dispatcher located outside of the United States). Through January 10, 2003, the IFR generally bars extraterritorial dispatching with the following three exceptions: extraterritorial dispatching is permitted in the case of emergencies, but only for the duration of the emergency; extraterritorial dispatching that was normally occurring in December of 1999 is allowed to continue (��grandfathering exception��); and very limited additional extraterritorial dispatching from Canada or Mexico of railroad track in the United States immediately adjacent to the borders is authorized (��fringe border exception��). After considering the comments on the IFR, FRA has determined that while special treatment is appropriate for extraterritorial