Interim Rule

Railroad Locomotive Safety Standards: Clarifying Amendments; Headlights and Auxiliary Lights

  • 19
  • Aug
  • 2003
DOCKET NUMBER: 2003-14217
KEYWORDS: Locomotives
ABSTRACT: This rulemaking action makes a technical clarification to certain locomotive headlight and auxiliary light provisions. The purpose of this modification is to codify FRA�s longstanding acceptance of lamps used in locomotive headlights and auxiliary lights. FRA believes that the clarifications being made in this document are consistent with both FRA�s intent when issuing the requirements related to locomotive headlights and auxiliary lights and FRA�s enforcement policies related to those provisions. FRA also believes that the clarifications contained in this document further FRA�s goal of facilitating the use of advanced technologies and enhance FRA�s safety enforcement program by recognizing specific types of lamps it considers acceptable for use in headlights and auxiliary lights.
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