Interim Rule

U.S. Locational Requirement for Dispatching of U.S. Rail Operations

  • 11
  • Dec
  • 2001
DOCKET NUMBER: 2001-8728
SUBJECT: Operating Practices
KEYWORDS: Dispatching, International, Foreign Employees
ABSTRACT: This Interim Final Rule adds a new regulation that requires all dispatching of railroad operations that occur in the United States to be performed in the United States, with three minor exceptions. First, a railroad is allowed to conduct dispatching of railroad operations in the United States from a point outside the United States (��extraterritorial dispatching��) in emergency situations for the duration of the emergency if the railroad provides prompt written notification of its action to the FRA Regional Administrator of each FRA region in which the railroad operation occurs; such notification is not required before addressing the emergency situation. Second, the rule permits continued extraterritorial dispatching of the very limited track segments in the United States that were regularly being so dispatched in December 1999. This grandfathering covers the four domestic operations that are dispatched from Canada. Third, the rule would allow for extraterritorial dispatching from Canada or Mexico of fringe
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