Proposed Rule

Training, Qualification, and Oversight for Safety-Related Railroad Employees

  • 07
  • Feb
  • 2012
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration
DOCKET NUMBER: 2009-0033
SUBJECT: Railroad Safety Technical Training Standards
KEYWORDS: Recordkeeping, Training, Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008, RSIA
ABSTRACT: FRA proposes regulations establishing minimum training standards for each category and subcategory of safety-related railroad employee, as required by the Rail Safety Improvement Act of 2008. The proposed rule would require each railroad or contractor that employs one or more safety-related railroad employee to develop and submit a training program to FRA for approval and to designate the qualification of each such employee. As part of that program, most employers would need to conduct periodic oversight of their own employees to determine compliance with Federal railroad safety laws, regulations, and orders applicable to those employees. The proposal would also require most railroads to conduct annual written reviews of their training programs to close performance gaps. Furthermore, FRA proposes specific training and qualification requirements for operators of roadway maintenance machines that can hoist, lower, and horizontally move a suspended load. Finally, FRA proposes minor clarifying amendments to the
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