Proposed Rule

Regulations on Safety Integration Plans Governing Railroad Consolidations, Mergers, and Acquisitions of Control; and Procedures for Surface Transportation Board Consideration of Safety Integration Plans in Cases Involving Railroad Consolidations, Mergers,

  • 31
  • Dec
  • 1998
SUBJECT: Railroad System Issues
KEYWORDS: System Integration Plans, SIP, Railroad Mergers, Surface Transportation Board, STB
ABSTRACT: The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and the Surface Transportation Board (STB or Board), working in conjunction with each other, have developed complementary proposed regulations establishing procedures for the development and implementation of safety integration plans (SIPs) by railroads proposing to engage in certain specified merger, consolidation, or acquisition of control transactions with another railroad. The scope of the transactions covered under the two rules would be identical except that FRA would also require carriers engaged in ��start up�� transactions to prepare SIPs. Under FRA�s proposed rule, railroads seeking to consummate a covered transaction would be required to file a proposed SIP with FRA. (A SIP is a written document explaining how each step in implementing a contemplated transaction would be performed safely.) FRA would then review the SIP and advise the Board as to whether it provides a reasonable assurance of safety for the transaction. The rule would further require a railr
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