Proposed Rule

Track Safety Standards; Continuous Welded Rail (CWR)

  • 01
  • Dec
  • 2008
DOCKET NUMBER: 2008-0036
SUBJECT: Continuous Welded Rail
KEYWORDS: Inspections, CWR
ABSTRACT: FRA is proposing to amend the Federal Track Safety Standards to promote the safety of railroad operations over continuous welded rail (CWR). In particular, FRA is proposing specific requirements for the qualification of persons designated to inspect CWR track, or supervise the installation, adjustment, or maintenance of CWR track. FRA is also proposing to clarify the procedures associated with the submission of CWR plans to FRA by track owners. FRA proposes that these plans focus on inspecting CWR for pullapart prone conditions, and focus more specifically on CWR joint installation and maintenance procedures. This proposed rule would also make other changes to the requirements governing CWR.
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