Technical Reports

Methodology for Initial Assessment of Spectrum Requirements and Required Numbers of Base Stations in a Multi-railroad, Dense Traffic Area

  • 10
  • Sep
  • 2012
AUTHOR: Schweitzer, Helmut L., Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA)
SUBJECT: Positive Train Control
KEYWORDS: Spectrum; Radio Frequency Design; 220MHz RF Network;
ABSTRACT: This report is intended to provide a methodology for performing an initial assessment of spectrum requirements related to deployment of a 220 MHz RF network for handling of Positive Train Control (PTC) messaging in a multi-railroad, dense traffic area. It also identifies how to determine the number of radio base stations required to support the projected messaging load in a territory. The radio network is intended to serve the needs of the PTC systems being deployed concurrently by multiple railroads in accordance with the requirements of the Rail Safety Improvement Act (RSIA) of 2008, and the corresponding implementing rules promulgated by the FRA. The methodologies explored and documented during the performance of this work is intended to assist other railroad entities with their deployment strategies as they develop their own PTC radio network deployment strategies for multi-railroads in dense urban areas.
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