Technical Reports

Repair of Budd Pioneer Coach Car Crush Zones

  • 01
  • May
  • 2007
AUTHOR: Ronald A. Mayville, Mayville and Associates; Robert J. Rancatore, TIAX LLC; Richard G. Stringfellow, TIAX LLC; Gabriel Amar, Taylor, Renault, Amar & Associates
KEYWORDS: Transportation, safety, crashworthiness, passenger rail vehicles, crash energy management (CEM)
ABSTRACT: The research team conducted a project to repair cars for use in a full-scale train-to-train collision test with crash energy management systems. The two cars had been damaged in previous dynamic tests. Several components required replacement, and some required design modification. This report describes the damage to the cars from the tests, and the various actions needed to repair and modify the components. Some collision dynamics and finite element analyses were conducted in support of the modifications. The project included fabrication and assistance in implementing the repairs.