Technical Reports

ITCR 1.0 STI-CO Wayside and Base Station Intermod Final Report

  • 24
  • Oct
  • 2011
AUTHOR: Meteorcomm LLC
SUBJECT: Positive Train Control, Signal and Train Control
KEYWORDS: Railroad Safety Technology Grant
ABSTRACT: This is the initial effort to determine if intermodulation products/interference could affect the PTC 220 MHz band at or near several wayside and base station sites. A few BNSF sites where PTC 220MHz radio systems will be installed in the future were selected by MCC: BNSF CP Boeing and BNSF CP Rhodes, signal sites with multiple track circuits, switch control equipment, and CTC system; BNSF CP Titlow, signal site with multiple track circuits, switch control equipment, and CTC system intercommunicated through a 160 MHz ARES radio; BNSF FED Site with Dragging Equipment Detectors and 45 mHz, 100 watts digital radio; BNSF Auburn Base Station, co-located and sharing tower with two cellular telephone companies. Several instruments were used to monitor the PTC 220 MHz band while equipment in each site was operated, track switches opened and closed, and base station 160 MHz and other radios transmitted. No significant evidence of intermodulation/interference was detected on any of the sites. Additional testing for longer periods of time at some sites is planned to acquire more information to complete this effort.