Technical Reports

PTC 220 MHz Radio: ITCR Version 1.1 System Architecture Specification

  • 14
  • Nov
  • 2012
AUTHOR: Meteocomm LLC
SUBJECT: Positive Train Control, Signal and Train Control
KEYWORDS: Railroad Safety Technology Grants
ABSTRACT: This document is one of three documents in a set of specification documents that describe the ITC 220 MHz Radio Network. This network provides communications for Positive Train Control (PTC) and is composed of 220 MHz data radios designed specifically for this application. The 220 MHz Radio Network is the only nationwide interoperable transport within the ITC Messaging System. Interoperable transports allow direct communications between the remote asset of one railroad and a back office of another railroad. The other interoperable transport, 802.11, will only be available unlimited coverage areas such as yards or terminals. Other message transport networks will be supported by the ITC Messaging System but will not be directly interoperable. Rather, they will be made effectively interoperable routing messages through back offices to and from the target back office. As part of the messaging system, these transport networks provide data communication services between back office, locomotive, and wayside areas over any available transport network. Their primary purpose is to transport PTC messages between these areas.