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Relationships between psychological safety climate facets and safety behavior in the rail industry: A dominance analysis. Accident Analysis and Prevention

  • 25
  • Sep
  • 2009
AUTHOR: Morrow, S. L., McGonagle, A. K., Dove-Steinkamp, M. L., Walker, C. T. Jr., Marmet, M., and Barnes-Farrell, J. L.
SUBJECT: Human Factors
KEYWORDS: safety climate, dominance analysis, transportation, rail
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The goals of this study were twofold: (1) to confirm a relationship between employee perceptions of psychological safety climate and safety behavior for a sample of workers in the rail industry, and (2) to explore the relative strengths of relationships between specific facets of safety climate and safety behavior. Non-management rail maintenance workers employed by a large North American railroad completed a survey (n = 421) regarding workplace safety perceptions and behaviors. Three facets of safety climate (management safety, coworker safety, and work-safety tension) were assessed as relating to individual workers’ reported safety behavior. All three facets were significantly associated with safety behavior. Dominance analysis was used to assess the relative importance of each facet as related to the outcome, and work-safety tension evidenced the strongest relationship with safety behavior.