Technical Reports

PTC 220 MHz Radio: Release 1.0 Integration Testing Test Report

  • 09
  • Jan
  • 2013
AUTHOR: Meteorcomm LLC
SUBJECT: Positive Train Control, Signal and Train Control, Grants & Financial Assistance
KEYWORDS: Railroad Safety Technology Grants
ABSTRACT: The MCC PTC communication system contains three primary subsystems: 220 MHz radios, Messaging software, and Systems Management software. Integration testing of the communication system refers to a process under which two or more of these subsystems are combined together and tested. This document presents the results associated with the integration testing of ITCC Release 1.0. It does not completely detail the test activities and results of each phase of testing, but rather provides a summary of the overall results and provides references to other documents where the details can be found. This document also serves as a baseline to which future test results can be compared. Sections of this report have been “blacked out” as proprietary and confidential information internal to Meteorcomm LLC and are not to be released externally. These sections relate to statistical tables supporting conclusions drawn in the report and not alter the test conclusions.