Technical Reports

800,000-Pound Quasi-Static End Load Test of Crash Energy Management Equipped Car, Test 2

  • 05
  • Feb
  • 2013
AUTHOR: Robert H. Fries, Lucy Tunna, Satima Anankitpaiboon, and Luis Maal
SUBJECT: Facilities & Test Equipment, Track, Tracks & Structures, Track/Train Interactions
KEYWORDS: Quasi-static test
ABSTRACT: This report summarizes compressive end-load Test 2 on Budd Pioneer Car 244. The quasi-static compressive end-load test at 800,000 pounds was conducted on January 19, 2011. The test vehicle has been modified to include a crash energy management system and has been assessed in full-scale tests six times previously. Test 2 results indicate Car 244 is suitable for an additional test.