Technical Reports

A Metallurgical Analysis of Five Steel Plates Taken from a Tank Car Accident Near Crescent City, Illinois

  • 01
  • Mar
  • 1972
AUTHOR: Interrante, Hicho and Harne
SUBJECT: Hazardous Materials
ABSTRACT: A metallurgical analysis of five steel samples (numbered FRA-1 through FRA-5) was requested by the Bureau of Railroad Safety, Federal Railroad Administration, Department of Transportation. These steel samples were taken from two tank cars (numbered SOEX 3037 and SOEX 3219) which had been involved in an accident near Crescent City, Illinois. Samples FRA-1, FRA-4, and FRA-5 were reported to be shell plates and sample FRA-3, a head plate. Sample FRA-2 was a welded sample of head plate and shell plate and it was used for most of the mechanical properties determinations in this report. An investigation was conducted at the National Bureau of Standards to determine if the samples conformed with the appropriate specifications for tank car materials and to gather information pertinent to the question of the suitability of these steels for use as plate materials of tank cars. Samples FRA-1,-2, and -5 were reportedly produced to the specification for ASTM A 212-65 Grade B, flange quality steel (A 212-B); and FRA-3 and -4 were reportedly produced to specification AAR M128 Grade B, flange quality steel (M128-B).
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