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Waiver Requests

Amtrak No. 32.75 Special Turnouts Buy America Waiver Decision

  • 23
  • Apr
  • 2013
SUBJECT: Buy America
KEYWORDS: Buy america, waiver requests
ABSTRACT: Amtrak requested a waiver from FRA’s Buy America requirement to purchase four No. 32.75 Special Turnouts manufactured by Nortrak for use in the New York City to Trenton, NY, HSIPR project. The Turnouts will be manufactured by Nortrak in Alabama but contain two non-domestic component parts. FRA granted the waiver because the parts (ZU1-60 steel left and right switch point rail sections and Schwihag roller assemblies and plates) are not produced in the U.S. in sufficient and reasonably available amount or are not of a satisfactory quality.
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