Technical Reports

Comparison of FRA Regulations to International High-Speed Rail Standards

  • 20
  • May
  • 2013
AUTHOR: Matthew Witte, Nicholas Wilson, Robert Fries, and Huimin Wu
SUBJECT: High-Speed Passenger Rail, Track, Tracks & Structures, Track/Train Interactions
KEYWORDS: 49CFR Transportation, international high speed rail standards
ABSTRACT: This report compares international standards with selected parts of Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) Code of Federal Regulation Title 49 CFR Transportation. The parts were preselected by FRA and are meant to reflect those areas of the regulations that most influence operational safety. The comparisons in this paper identify gaps and open points relative to European standards. Notable differences were found in the areas of vehicle track interaction, noise, safety glazing, locomotive safety, locomotive crashworthiness, aerodynamics, and emergency exit requirements. The report also reviews the more accessible Far East standards from China, Taiwan, and Japan. Transportation Technology Center, Inc., recommends formal translation and study of the Korean standards at a later time, possibly in conjunction with a study of railroad regulations in India, Central Asia, and Australia.

210 Noise FRA vs UIC

200 Informal Rules FRA vs UIC

213 Track Safety FRA vs UIC