Technical Reports

A Job Analysis Design for the Rail Industry: Description and Model Analysis of the Job of Freight Conductor

  • 17
  • Oct
  • 2013
AUTHOR: Benjamin Walsh, Leslie Golay, Janet Barnes-Farrell, and Stephanie Morrow
SUBJECT: Human Factors, Railroad Employees
KEYWORDS: Job analysis, job tasks, training assessment, freight conductor, safety-sensitive positions, knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics.
ABSTRACT: This document provides a step-by-step description of the design and execution of a strategic job analysis, using the position of Freight Conductor as an example. This document was created to be useful for many different needs, and can be used as an example of how to conduct similar job analyses for other positions. The job analysis process is described in detail; sample meeting agendas, survey questionnaires, and suggestions on how to create and finalize a list of job tasks and KSAOs for the position of interest are provided. While analyzing the position of Freight Conductor, key aspects of the position were identified, including main tasks and KSAOs required to complete the job successfully. Conclusions report the specific results of the job analysis, including information from SME focus group discussions regarding demands and strains of the job. Implications for training and development are also discussed.