Technical Reports

Higher Speed Freight Truck Structural Analysis

  • 17
  • Oct
  • 2013
AUTHOR: Sharma & Associates, Inc.
SUBJECT: Freight Operations
KEYWORDS: Higher speed freight truck, freight truck structural analyses, freight truck for 150 mph operation
ABSTRACT: Sharma & Associates, Inc. (SA) had previously (2005–2009) developed a higher speed freight truck under sponsorship of the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). Under the current contract, SA was tasked with developing performance requirements for higher speed freight trucks, as well as conducting structural and dynamics simulations according to those performance specifications. The strength of various components of the truck was assessed against specification M-213 of the Association of American Railroads’ (AAR) Manual of Standards and Recommended Practices (MSRP) using finite element analyses. The analyses showed that the prototype HST would meet the existing AAR structural strength performance requirements. The stress levels seen in the HST structure(s) were less than the corresponding allowable limits. On the basis of these analyses, SA is confident that the truck will meet the structural performance requirements for higher speed use.