Technical Reports

Collision of Amtrak Passenger Train and Norfolk Southern Freight Train—November 30, 2007, Chicago, Illinois

  • 28
  • Oct
  • 2013
AUTHOR: Patricia G. Llana, David Tyrell, Karina Jacobsen
SUBJECT: Accident Investigations, Amtrak, Freight Operations, Crashworthiness - Passenger Equipment, Passenger Rail, Collision
KEYWORDS: Transportation, safety, collision, rail accident investigation, crashworthiness, structures, dynamics
ABSTRACT: On November 30, 2007, an Amtrak passenger train travelling at approximately 33 mph collided with the rear of a standing freight train in Chicago, Illinois. The locomotive of the passenger train overrode the rear car of the freight train and came to rest on top of the rear car. The rest of the cars in the passenger and freight consists remained on the tracks. There were no fatalities caused by the accident and no life-threatening injuries were incurred by the passengers or crew. The passenger locomotive bore the brunt of the impact and sustained most of the structural and interior damage, creating an almost life-threatening situation within the cab. This document is the U. S. Department of Transportation’s Rail Accident Forensic Team’s report on the Chicago accident. The document comprises a main report and four appendices. The main report summarizes the sequence of events of the accident, the casualties, and the structural and interior damage incurred. The appendices provide more information and greater detail about the accident, as well as results from preliminary collision dynamics analyses.