Technical Reports

Workstation Table Crashworthiness Tests

  • 19
  • Dec
  • 2013
AUTHOR: Richard Stringfellow and Jay Nutting
SUBJECT: Facilities & Test Equipment, Occupant Protection, Crashworthiness - Passenger Equipment, Passenger Rail, Collision
KEYWORDS: Crashworthiness, workstation table, full-scale train-to-train test, crash energy management, crush zones, rail cars, occupant survivability, collision, injury, impacts
ABSTRACT: This report describes results from the Option C component of a research program aimed at improving crashworthiness of passenger train workstation tables. Research conducted in the Base, Option A, and Option B components of the program was focused on developing a prototype design for a crashworthy workstation table, constructing a number of tables, and testing them. A prototype crashworthy workstation table was successfully tested as part of the full-scale train-to-train test of CEM equipment conducted in March of 2006. The Option C activities described here were focused on characterizing the quasi-static and dynamic force-crush behavior of the prototype workstation table in order to define performance requirements for future workstation table designs.