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Characterization of Locomotive Engineer Schedules

  • 08
  • Jan
  • 2014
AUTHOR: Judith Gertler
SUBJECT: Human Factors, Worker Protection, Work Schedule & Sleep Patterns
KEYWORDS: Characterization of Locomotive Engineer Schedules; work

This document was originally written as a Technical Memorandum for internal use by FRA in 2001. A substantial amount of research has been undertaken in the dozen years since this memorandum was produced, including a series of diary studies that provides details about when signalmen, maintenance of way employees, locomotive engineers and conductors, and dispatchers work and sleep (for a summary see Fatigue Status of the U.S. Railroad Industry http://www.fra.dot.gov/eLib/details/L04320). By contrast, this memorandum examines 39 examples of nominal work schedules for locomotive engineers and conductors in passenger service, which may be of interest to researchers who are evaluating and analyzing work schedules and fatigue. In the interest of promoting further research, FRA makes this memorandum available to the public.