Technical Reports

Review of Codes, Standards, and Regulations for Natural Gas Locomotives: Appendix

  • 24
  • Jun
  • 2014
AUTHOR: Jason Schug, Vyom Neeraj, James Paul, and Marc Wiseman
KEYWORDS: Locomotive fuel, natural gas, CNG, LNG, tender car, codes, standards, regulations, Germany, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Russia, India, China, tender car, transportation
ABSTRACT: This report identified, collected, and summarized relevant international codes, standards, and regulations with potential applicability to the use of natural gas as a locomotive fuel. Few international or country-specific codes, standards, and regulations specifically written for natural gas fueled locomotives and tender cars were found, so the search was expanded to include natural gas as a transportation fuel. The inquiry yielded 181 documents primarily from countries that were reviewed as part of this project.