Technical Reports

A Study of the Use of Bio-Based Technologies (Lubricant and Grease) in Railroad Applications

  • 08
  • Jul
  • 2014
AUTHOR: Lou Honary, Melissa Shurland
SUBJECT: Environmental Protection, Freight Operations, Rail and Infrastructure Integrity, Rolling Stock, Track
KEYWORDS: bio-based, biodegradable, rail curve grease, grease, rolling stock, lubrication, friction reduction, mineral oil-based grease, hydraulic oil
ABSTRACT: The objective of the project was to study the efficacy of using bio-based lubricant and grease technologies in railroad applications (locomotives and maintenance of way equipment). Several commercially available rail curve greases were identified and tested. Three mineral oil-based and three bio-based rail curve greases were selected for comparative testing. Greases included a summer and a winter version. Testing was conducted in an environmental chamber using two grease dispensers from two Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) at different temperatures. Field testing was conducted at two different sites on a revenue service railroad.