Technical Reports

Recommended Emergency Preparedness Guidelines for Passenger Trains

  • 01
  • Dec
  • 1993
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration; Stephanie H. Markos
SUBJECT: Passenger Rail
KEYWORDS: Emergency, Emergency prepardeness, Emergency plan, Intercity rail passenger trains, Commuter rail, Railroad Safety, Passenger train safety, Railroad Accidents, Transportation Safety, High speed ground transportation, System safety.
ABSTRACT: The document contains recommended guidelines designed to assist system operating and emergency response organization management in evaluating and modifying or supplementing their emergency response plans. The recommendations address guidelines relating to emergency plans, procedures, and training. In addition, guidelines for passenger train and facility features intended to 1) shorten emergency response time, 2) improve the effectiveness of evacuating passengers, and 3) minimize the effects of an emergency are presented. The information contained in the document is intended to assist passenger train system operators to assess, develop, document, and improve their emergency response capabilities and to coordinate these efforts with emergency response organizations in a manner that best protects the traveling public and system passenger trains and facilities.
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