Technical Reports

Fire Tests of Amtrak Passenger Rail Vehicle Interiors

  • 04
  • May
  • 1984
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration; R.D. Peacock; E. Braun
SUBJECT: Passenger Rail
KEYWORDS: Calorimeters, Flame spread, Full scale tests, interior finishes, Passenger vehicles, Smoke
ABSTRACT: A series of fire tests was conducted to assess the burning behavior of the interior of passenger rail vehicles. Three types of tests were performed: (1) small-scale laboratory tests to study the flammability and smoke generation characteristics of the individual materials, (2) full-scale calorimeter tests on the seats to determine the rate of heat release from burning seat assemblies, and (3) full-scale tests on mock-ups of the interior of the cars to investigate the potential for fire hazard in the fully furnished vehicles.