Technical Reports

Report for the Workshop on ITS Standards for the Highway-Rail Intersection July 22-23,1999 Arlington Virginia

  • 23
  • Jul
  • 1999
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration; Richard J. Weiland
SUBJECT: Intelligent Railroad Systems
KEYWORDS: ITS Standards, Highway-rail intersection, Railroad crossings
ABSTRACT: The objective of the ITS HRI Standards Workshop was to characterize and move the development process forward toward the establishment of industry concensus standards for the use of Intelligent Transportation System technologies at highway-rail intersection. The workshop had several purposes: first, to identify the standards needed for effective national deployment of ITS at the HRI, and to identify the technical and institutional opportunities and challenges related to the development of these standards; second, to identify the standards organizations and individuals who need to participate in the development of ITS HRI standards; and third, to begin the dialog among the relevant shareholders