Technical Reports

Tank Car Frangible Disc Test

  • 01
  • Apr
  • 1989
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration; Dominic A. DiBrito; Britto R. Rajkumar
SUBJECT: Hazardous Materials
KEYWORDS: Tank car safety, Frangible disc, Pressure relief valve
ABSTRACT: Tests were performed at the Transportation Test Center to evaluate the performance of various frangible disc designs, with respect to AAR Specification A5.03. Tests were also performed to determine the range of burst pressures and effect of temperature, creep, pressure surge, and corrosives on the burst pressure of one lot per disc design. The designs tested were Lead, Lead with Breather Hole, Stainless Steel, and Composites. It was found that some disc designs have large variations in burst pressure. Lead Discs are prone to creep. All disc burst pressures are affected by temperatures, both hot and cold. Composite discs exhibited some damping when exposed to pressure surge cycles.
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