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A Comprehensive Study of Problems in the Old Metairie Railroad Corridor in Jefferson and Orleans Parishes in Louisiana- Volume II-Appendices

  • 01
  • Nov
  • 1996
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration; Ralph G. Kennedy, III; Dr. Robert A Lowrey; Dr. Wilbur A. Steger; Alan D. Bernstein
SUBJECT: Safety Advisories, Safety Regulatory Analysis, Safety Performance Measures
KEYWORDS: Metairie Railroad corridor, Parishes, Louisiana
ABSTRACT: New Orleans is a major railroad gateway interchange point, and many transportation planning decisions are being made affecting the region. The study examines a number of alternatives for mitigating the impact of the railroads on the area, including the relocation of railroad traffic, and a series of actions such as rescheduling train movements, grade crossing improvements, and grade seperations, which would leave the railroad traffic in place. Specifically, the report (1) identifies safety problems and potential solutions regarding the transportation of hazardous materials in the corridor; (2) identifies problems and potential solutions to vehicular traffic congestion, especially at grade crossings in the corridor; (3) examines railroad-community conflicts in the long-and short-term alternatives and cost and schedule estimates for implementation.