Technical Reports

Safety of Railroad Passenger Vehicle Dynamics: Final Summary Report

  • 01
  • Jul
  • 2002
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration; Gopal Samavedam; John Gomes
SUBJECT: Safety Advisories, Safety Regulatory Analysis, Safety Performance Measures
KEYWORDS: Passenger rail vehicles, Safety Assessment Methodology
ABSTRACT: This report is a summary of all the work done by Foster-Miller on passenger rail vehicle dynamic safety under the contract awarded by the Federal Railroad Administration. The report presents key issues and findings in the safety assessments and a safety assessment methodology for rail vehicles negotiating tracks with geometry perturbations. Key issues include definition of appropriate derailment criteria, track perturbations to cover a variety of scenarios, development of a simulation tool and a framework for safety assessment. The simulation tool OMNISIM and its test validations have been presented. The required parameters in the simulation tool and the measurement techniques for their quantification are presented. A safety assessment methodology is formalized, which has been validated through full-scale field testing