Technical Reports

Crashworthiness Design Modifications for Locomotive and Cab Car Anticlimbing Systems

  • 01
  • Feb
  • 2003
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration; Ronald A. Mayville; Richard G. Stringfellow; Kent N. Johnson; Scott Landrum
SUBJECT: Safety Advisories, Safety Regulatory Analysis, Safety Performance Measures
KEYWORDS: Crashworthiness, Anticlimbing, Collisions, Passenger rail vehicles, Freight locomotives
ABSTRACT: This study addressed the feasibility of incorporating complete anticlimbing systems into both passenger and freight locomotives. Complete systems include pushback couplers, vertically interlocking anticlimber elements, and zones specifically designed to absorb the collision energy. The project included the development of specifications for the systems, review of existing systems and generation of concepts. Two complete systems were developed, one for a freight locomotive and one for a passenger cab car. These systems were evaluated using both finite element and collision dynamics analyses. A plan to further develop and test the systems is also presented.