Technical Reports

Safety of High Speed Guided Ground Transportation Systems: EMF Exposure Environments Summary Reports

  • 01
  • Aug
  • 1993
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration; Don Goellner; Terry Inge; Lynne Gillette; Norbert Hankin; Barbara Hostage
SUBJECT: Safety Advisories, Safety Regulatory Analysis, Safety Performance Measures
KEYWORDS: Electric and Magnetic fields, EMF, Exposure assessments, Occupations and sources of EMF, Residential Electric and magnetic fields exposures, Electric and magnetic exposure protocol and equipment
ABSTRACT: This paper presents an overview of American exposure assessments for electric and magnetic fields (EMF) in the frequency range from 0 to 3 kHz. The exposure information available is very limited for all but a few occupations and sources of EMF. Much of the exposure assessment done to date has been conducted in conjunction with epidemiological studies. Beyond the shortcomings of using some of the published epidemiology studies, there are some serious obstacles to conducting definitive extreme low frequency (ELF)-EMF exposure assessments. The lack of a clear definition of what constitutes effective dose hampers the measurement of exposure considerably. Generally, the average power frequency magnetic flux density has been assumed to be the exposure measure of significance, however other parameters of the magnetic field are likely to be relevant as well. The exposure assessments presented utilize different measurement approaches, protocols and equipment. A commentary has been provided discussing equipment and methods and they are briefly described for each study reviewed. The studies reviewed have been grouped into three categories: residential, occupational, and transportation. Currently, there is very little research available on transportation exposure environments. From the available data it appears that magnetically levitated (maglev) technology, as evidenced in the German TR-07 system, although a unique exposure environment, does not present any unusual ELF-EMF exposures to passengers of crew