Technical Reports

Safety of High Speed Magnetic Levitation Transportation Systems: Comparison of U.S. and Foreign Safety Requirements for Application to U.S. Maglev Systems

  • 01
  • Sep
  • 1993
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration; Alan J. Bing; John D. Parker; George S. Pristach; Camille Behara; Delaye Gabriel
SUBJECT: High-Speed Passenger Rail, Maglev
KEYWORDS: Magnetic levitation, Maglev, high speed ground transportation, Passenger trains,
ABSTRACT: This report presents the results of a systematic review of the safety requirements selected for the German Transrapid electromagnetic (EMS) type maglev system to determine their applicability and completeness with respect to the construction and operation of maglev systems in the United States. The German safety requirements for high-speed maglev systems are documented in the 'High-Speed Maglev Trains Safety Requirements' (RW MSB), 'Railroad Construction and Traffic Regulations' (EOB) and the draft 'Maglev Construction and Operation Regulation ' (draft MBO). A major focus of this report is the evaluation of German Standards Institute Standards (DINs) cited in the RW MSB. A review of the RW MSB, the EBO, and the draft MBO safety requirements, as they relate to seven major maglev system functional areas has been performed. These requirements have been compared and assessed to identify similarities to and differences from equivalent U.S. and international transportation-related regulations, standards, specifications, and/or guidelines, and certain general industrial requirements. Unique aspects of the U.S. operating environment have also been considered. Findings are presented regarding proposed safety requirements for the construction and opearation of high-speed maglev systems in the United States. These findings are intended to assist FRA in establishing safety requirements for U.S. maglev systems.
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