Technical Reports

Safety of High Speed Magnetic Levitation Transportation Systems: Thermal Effects and Related Safety Issues of Typical Maglev Steel Guideways

  • 01
  • Sep
  • 1994
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration: S. J. Kokkins; A. Purple; G. Samavedam
SUBJECT: High-Speed Passenger Rail, Maglev
KEYWORDS: Thermal, Guideway, Magnetic levitation, Maglev, Deflection, Temperature, Transrapid
ABSTRACT: This report presents a theoretical analysis predicting the temperature distribution, thermal deflections, and thermal stresses that may occur in typical steel Maglev guideways under the proposed Orlando FL thermal environment. Transient, finite element heat transfer analyses are used to predict the thermal response of a typical steel guideway design similar to the Transrapid design being finalized for the Orlando, FL Maglev system. Parametric studies are conducted to examine the sensitivity of the temperature distributions and thermal deflections to time varying changes in the sun's position, seasonal changes in the guideway orientation and surface treatment. Related safety issues are also addressed.