Technical Reports

Locomotive Crashworthiness Research Volume 2: Design Concept Generation and Evaluation

  • 01
  • Jul
  • 1995
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration; Ronald A. Maryville, Richard G. Stringfellow, Robert J. Rancatore, Thomas P. Hosmer
SUBJECT: Locomotive Standards (Safety & Noise)
KEYWORDS: Safety, Locomotive, Crashworthiness, Collisions, Structural analysis, Dynamics Analysis
ABSTRACT: The overall approach to the project included information gathering on locomotive design and crashworthiness; the development of computer models to evaluate crashworthiness; and the generation, evaluation, and prioritization of design concepts that could potentially improve locomotive cab survivability. No testing was included in the program. Rather, models were validated to the extent possible by comparing predicted results to actual accidents. This report describes the freight locomotive crashworthiness concepts generated in the project, together with their evaluation using computer models whose development and validation were described in Volume 1.
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