Technical Reports

Locomotive Crashworthiness Research Volume 3: Review and Discussion of Freight Locomotive Crashworhiness Concepts

  • 01
  • Jul
  • 1995
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration; Ronald A. Maryville, Richard G. Stringfellow, Robert J. Rancatore, Thomas P. Hosmer
SUBJECT: Locomotive Standards (Safety & Noise)
KEYWORDS: Safety, Locomotive, Crashworthiness, Collisions, Structural analysis, Dynamics Analysis
ABSTRACT: The results of the study, summarized in this report, suggest that a cost-effective improvement in locomotive crashworthiness is feasible, at least for a few of the features. In particular, a performance specification that requires ductile collision posts with greater strength appears to yield the clearest practical benefit. A crash refuge that is relatively simple to enter and provides a direct means of "riding down" a collision also has merit. Finally, an improvement in the penetration resistance of glazing and the continued use of some other features related to openings in the cab appear to have utility, although confirmation through a review of accident statistics is warranted to show benefit.
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