Technical Reports

Evaluation of Concepts for Locomotive Crew Egress

  • 01
  • Mar
  • 2003
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration; James Carter; Judith Gertler; Sarah Acton; Stephen Kokkins
SUBJECT: Locomotive Standards (Safety & Noise)
KEYWORDS: Egress, Locomotive, Safety, Emergency rescue
ABSTRACT: "This report presents the results of the first phase of a program to develop innovative concepts for a locomotive crew egress system. The program targeted rollover derailment accidents, where the options for crew egress are most limited.In Phase I of this program, Foster-Miller conceptualized an integrated roof mounted escape hatch system for use in a road locomotive cab. This system provides a centerline mounted escape hatch, along with a series of deployable hand/footholds to aid in climbing. The design approach was presented to railroad crews who provided feedback as a basis for design revisions. In general, the escape hatch concept was viewed as a significant improvement in locomotive egress equipment. Preliminary evaluation indicates that the hatch can be integrated into new locomotive designs with minimal cost impact.The utility of the overall concept was evaluated using untrained personnel in a full-scale mockup of a toppled locomotive. With a minimum of instruction, test subjects were able to actuate the hatch and escape the cab in 30 s or less. Future research will involve refining the hatch design so that it is manufacturable. Secondary egress options identified in Phase I will also be given furtherattention in the subsequent research."