Technical Reports

Engineering Data Characterizing the Fleet of U.S.Railway Rolling Stock Volume II: Methodology and Data

  • 01
  • Nov
  • 1981
AUTHOR: Federal Railroad Administration; P.G. Przybylinski; G.B. Anderson
SUBJECT: Freight Operations, Hazardous Materials, Rail and Infrastructure Integrity
KEYWORDS: Freight car; Freight wheels; ladings
ABSTRACT: This report contains engineering parameter descriptions of major and distinctive freight vehicle configurations covering approximately 96% of the U.S. freight vehicle fleet. This data has been developed primarily for use in analytical simulation modeling of rail vehicles to analyses of vehicle/track dynamic interaction dynamics. To characterize loaded freight vehicles, representative ladings and average load conditions were defined, and load-dependent characterizations were developed for each major vehicle/lading combination. Freight truck design data was assembled and correlated with carbody descriptions, and some typical freight vehicle wheel profiles were defined based on a field measurement survey. Population data and estimates of total annual mileage traveled by each vehicle and vehicle/lading combination are also provided. Engineering parameter descriptions of major locomotive and passenger vehicle design groups are also provided. The concept of generically similar railcar configurations is also introduced as a practical and cost effective approach to analyzing large numbers of vehicles in rail system dynamics studies. This volume contains the fleet characterization data and describes the detailed methodology used to generate the data.